Abortion Information

Looking for abortion information or if you have an abortion appointment–Stop by for a Pre-Abortion Consultation.

You can not have too much abortion information if you are considering one. Whether you missed a period or had a positive pregnancy test and want more info, stop in for a complete evaluation and consultation.

Usually, abortion is the last thing women want during a unexpected pregnancy but feel it’s the best and only option. We get it!

Are you scared and thinking about all the things you had planned for your future? Maybe pregnancy right now is not what you had in mind this stage in your life (possibly not even the guy you envisioned being with long term). Don’t worry, we can help.

Our pro-woman approach to mistimed pregnancies is designed to empower and equip women to make a decision best for them.

We can confirm pregnancy and give you all you need during an unplanned pregnancy and best of all–it’s all NO CHARGE!

In our pre-abortion consultation, we:

  • Pregnancy Evaluation. Includes pregnancy testing and an ultrasound. It is performed by our licensed and experienced medical professionals.
  • Abortion Information. We provided info on the various procedures, including the morning after pill and medical abortion. Don’t forget to write down all your medical questions.

Regardless of what you are considering, stop by today to meet with one of our professional staff. You will be glad you did.