Considering Abortion?

Abortion is something most women don’t want to do but, based on circumstances, many feel like they have no choice.

To have an abortion is not an easy choice. At Republic PRC, we don’t want women to feel like they are backed against a corner with only one decision to make. Rather, it is our goal to make women feel empowered in their choices.

Unplanned pregnancy is difficult–no doubt–but it doesn’t have to be the end of your career plans, leave you financial burdened or with regret wondering if you made the right decision.

Our women-centered approach, puts you at the steering wheel and allows you to make the best choice for your life. Our center is a warm, caring and confidential environment filled with professionals ready to help. 

Here’s what we offer all at NO CHARGE:

  • a complete pregnancy evaluation, including pregnancy test and ultrasound, performed by a licensed medical professional and overseen by our Medical Director
  • a medical consultation to go over pregnancy results, answer questions, etc.
  • abortion information to include the various procedures (medical, surgical, morning after pill, etc.)
  • community resources and referrals based on needs assessment

Whether you aren’t completely sure or even if you have already scheduled an abortion, contact us today for a pre-abortion consultation. You will be glad you did.